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18 Forever Young Program 


Community Integration Program

18 Forever Young  is a program focused on developing the social and life skills of our young people with special needs.

This program provides them the opportunity to integrate into the community and participate in the typical activities of young people of their age under the supervision of our specialized staff.

This program promotes integration, respect, independence and social justice on equal terms for our special population in the community.

Illuminate your Mind & Body Program

Illuminate your mind & Body program offers a wide variety of classes and activities such as yoga, Zumba, and art that help our population with special needs to work their spirit, mind and body to achieve a perfect balance. 


Music Inclusion Program

Illuminate Heart's dream is to offer a Music Inclusion Program in where people of all ages with or without disabilities play together in the symphony orchestra.

College Environment

Academic competition in the 21st century is becoming more and more high for the general population.

For our young people with disabilities it is almost impossible to develop their maximum potential by the shortage of educational offerings in their community.

Illuminate Heart offers a college environment in where they can develop their maximum potential and at the same time participate with our college’s volunteers program (Buddies of the Heart) in social activities such as: sports, concerts, and much more. 



SEEDS Micro Enterprises

Illuminate Heart provides our young adults with special needs with the knowledge, skills, and technology access that empowers and provides them with self-confidence to start up their own business or to provide them with employment through Illuminate Heart’s micro enterprises.