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Empowering young adults with Special Needs 


 According to the US Census Bureau, nearly 1-in-5 US residents have a disability.

43% of adults with disabilities in the US are inactive which creates an instability within this community because of its lack of activities and opportunities.


Illuminate Heart exists to EMPOWER young adults with special needs through education and training giving them the opportunity discover happiness, success, stability, and independence in their lives. 



A world full of LOVE and OPPORTUNITIES for adults with disabilities providing them social interaction with peers, developing work skills to provide income-earning opportunities, and building group homes to nurture independence.

Basic Services

Illuminate Heart, Inc. adult center provide a program of planned activities similar to those of non‐disabled adults that are designed to develop and maintain the individual’s social and life skills, and includes arrangements for utilization of available community resources. Individuals receive education in self‐advocacy, community integration, field trips for social skills development, self‐care, and employment training both at the center and in natural environments.  Individuals also receive care and supervision in the following areas:

Participants select goals from a variety of options depending on their interests and abilities:

  • Art Groups
  • Recreational Activities/Community Events
  • Exercise ( Zumba class) and (Salsa Class)
  • Music Program
  • Community Outings
  • Gardening
  • Micro Enterprises (Entrepreneur Program)
  • Independent Living Skills

Entrance Requirements

Illuminate Heart adult day program  is a community based and socially active program, and all participants must:

•Be age eighteen (18) years or older.
•Diagnosed with a Developmental Disability, including Intellectual Disabilities, Autism, Down Syndrome, Language and Learning Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Vision Impairment, Physical Disabilities, and Hearing Loss.
•Maintain socially acceptable behavior.
•Exhibit non-violent behavior.
•Be able to participate in small groups.
•Active engagement
•Be able to stay with a group (No eloping or running away).
•Be able to follow basic group instructions.

Serving with love and happiness



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